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Our mission is to tell your story using inspired, unforgettable visuals that revolutionize how you connect with your audience.




Clint Easley

Founder / CEO

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A truly talented eye and amazing instincts behind the lens. The team captain. Organized. Driven. Ready for anything and will sleep anywhere.


Lauren Silvers

Chief Operator

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The right brain and left brain are strong in this one. She is the creative word weaver, and a wizard with project management. Always there to see it through from start to finish.


Dallas Jack

Director of Marketing

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Music production, writing, web development, & social media management are just a few of his skillsets...An absolutely gifted people person and an incredible musician & singer as well.


Kyle Martin

Editing Director

The editing samurai. Our jack of all trades. Always willing to take on any creative challenges thrown his way. An extreme sports guru and thrives on perfection!


Jerald Kopp

Writer / Editor-In-Chief

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With more than four decades of experience in the outdoors he knows a thing or two about a thing or two. This true Texan understands the power of words and is passionately gifted with the pen.


Kramer Robinson

Production Manager

Every business needs a Kramer! He is the conduit and the engineer that keeps the train in motion. Always at the ready without hesitation. Tranformer blood runs through his veins.

Waterfowl Hunt -73_edited_edited_edited.

Tyler Nelson

Director of Photography

Professional waterfowl guide, master welder, and camera crazy like the rest of us. Always blowing our minds with his imagery and eagerness to keep expanding his skillset. The creativity is strong in this man.


Matthew Pankratz

Editor / Post Production Mgr.

His fingers aren't insured, but they certainly should be. While others are getting their beauty sleep he's grinding behind the blue screen until the early morning hours, perfecting & polishing the final product.

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Taylor Nida


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Blowing past the decade mark in experience, Taylor can tackle any project! With extensive editing skills in all facets of content. He's an excellent team communicator, and has earned the middle name "dependable."

He never lets ya down.

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Barbara Easley


She's earned the honorable nickname of

"Bookkeeper Barb"

as many of you may know. God put a little extra attention into her incredibly sweet nature.

She keeps the lights on for REVOL and manages the finances to make sure we keep the projects in motion.

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Brad Kipe

Editor & Videographer

Lights, camera, action!!!


When you hear the term one man band, we want you to think of Brad. He's not only an excellent editor, but an asset of many talents in the field as well. Hybrid shooter is the name and content creation is his game.


Matt Schramer

Film/Commercial Director

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With 17+ Years Experience

Matt has been a tremendous value add! He's a true team player, organized, and a super-talent on any project he's a part of. With experience in screen writing, directing, producing, and editing. He dominates in story development.


Tee Hover

Field Producer 

I challenge you to ask this man what he CAN'T do! 

From firefighting, to guiding, to roping anything that tries to get away, he's got every talent we need and then some to keep the production moving forward. His mustache can literally move mountains.


aka "The Queen" behind the scene. Every company needs an internal therapist, advisor, assistant, and balanced w/ hispanic spice. She keeps the ball rolling 24/7 with constant assignments and keeps the team ALIVE in more ways than one. Simply said,

Jules tells it like it is and we love it.

Executive Assistant

Jules Easley


Clint and the team at REVOL are a joy to work with. Their combination of creativity, innovation, and collaborative professionalism means they can find a way to approach ANY type of project -- big or small -- and go above and beyond to deliver amazing results. From marketing campaigns and traditional content creation, to documentaries, commercials, and more. REVOL makes big promises and consistently over-delivers. We couldn't recommend them more!

CeeCee Vandiver / Director of Marketing / SKB Cases

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